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MDF panels and doors used in cabinet-making are made  from an MDF base to which an opaque finish is applied.

Since this material must be painted, the choices of  opaque colors and glazes are the same as for hardwood. MDF, however, has the  advantage of being more affordable.

MDF doors are usually molded in one piece. Assembled  five‑piece models that look more like hardwood doors are now available and make  the product more attractive.

The demand for MDF is constantly on the rise, as it is  used to make so-called Italian style cabinets, which are becoming increasingly  popular. Made from MDF panels on which a high‑gloss, brightly colored finish is  applied, these cabinets have an alluring appeal for those who would like to  have a kitchen with a young, contemporary appearance. Obtaining such quality  gloss requires eight coats of carefully applied finish, which makes this style  of cabinet more expensive.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items