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  • Thermofoil

    Thermofoil   panels and doors used for cabinet making are made from an MDF base covered with   a film of plastic that looks like wood.

    When  heated, this material will easily mold itself to the objects on which it is  applied. It can be used to create embossed designs and door models that look  like wood, without any joints !

    Thermofoil  skillfully combines the easy maintenance and durability of melamine with the  warm appearance and elegance of wood.  

    It is available in a wide choice of finishes and  gives you access to a very large selection of door models. While hardwood is  costly, thermofoil constitutes an affordable choice with a good  price/appearance ratio for your next kitchen cabinets.

  • Melamine

    This  material, which was supposed to “liberate housewives”, is still in fashion  sixty years after it first appeared on the market. Today’s product, however, is  very different from the traditional white melamine that used to turn  yellow !

    A wide  choice of durable finishes, including several imitation wood finishes, are  available with either a flat or a glossy appearance.

    Accented with crown moldings and coves for added  style, our attractive melamine cabinets are sure to delight you and offer you  the change you have long been waiting for at a reasonable price.

  • Polygloss

    Polygloss doors are made ​​from a pine fiber base on which is applied a layer of melamine which gives it its color and patterns.
    A polyester layer is then added in order to impart a gloss powerful and impressive resistance to abrasion and water .

    The polygloss is the preferred material for cabinets to modern and chic style , resembling the Italian lacquer.

  • Acrylic

    Acrylic doors are made ​​from a pine fiber base on which is applied a layer of acrylic.
    This glossy plastic layer "contains" color.

    It remains unaltered by the sun and retains its gloss over time .

    An ideal material for a modern and refreshing look !

  • Polyester

    Polyester of the doors are made from a base of pine fiber on which is applied a polyester layer which gives it a natural color and texture akin to that of wood.

    It is a scratch resistant material and heat in addition to being easy to maintain.

  • Wood

    Wood really  needs no introduction! This classical material always confers an incomparable  style to any room and will embellish it for decades to come.

    We offer  you six different species of wood and a large choice of stains and varnishes.  It is up to you to find the most satisfying combination !

    Wood can be  painted or stained to go with your kitchen set. Our color experts will make  sure that everything matches to perfection. Just because you plan to redo your  cabinets does not mean you have to replace your entire kitchen !

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Showing 1 - 12 of 164 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 164 items